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Our purpose as a journalistic institution is to provide fair, unbiased news coverage to the masses that attend St. Cloud High School. Reporting in a timely, professional manner is the gold standard for this Independent Student Newspaper.
The Cloud, recognizes the fact that students and school officials cannot attend every event at all times. Therefore, the staff provides intelligently written accounts of issues and events happening on campus, presented in a professional manner to keep everyone informed.

Though this paper/site is created through a classroom setting, outside writers are encouraged to express and share their ideas and creativity through our media. St. Cloud High School’s paper/site, in particular, aims to document memories of the attendees and school affiliates. This helps bring awareness in the community as well.
The opinions expressed in this student-produced high school newspaper does not reflect those of the St. Cloud High School, its student body faculty or administration as a whole.

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Staff Directory

Alexa Porras

Editor In Chief

I am Alexa Porras, Junior, member of the Spanish Honor Society & Spanish Club. I am a contributor for The Cloud.

Alondra Saltares

Online Manager & Editor in Chief

¡Hola!, beautiful people out there looking at this. My name is Alondra Saltares, and I am currently a Junior at St. Cloud high School and belong to the newspaper staff. I love to eat, travel, and learn about the different cultures that countries consist of. Lastly, I love teacup pigs.

Julia Gonzalez

Bussiness Manager

I am Julia Gonzalez, Senior, member of the SCHS Class of 2020 and President of the GSA Club. I am a member of the Do Something Club, French Club, Tap Dawgs and Best Buddies. This year, I am the Business Manager of the SCHS The Cloud school newspaper.

Megan Teal

Managing Editor

Osiyo Everyone! My name is Megan Teal, Junior, member of the SCHS Class of 2021. I work on the newspaper with an amazing staff and I am in Early Childhood Development. I love music and Netflix, (basic I know). I'm Cherokee Indian and I'm very proud, and yes it gets awkward when we talk about Native Americans in history class.

Juliana Sanchez

Sports Media Manager

My name's Juliana Sanchez and I'm the sports editor for The Cloud. I enjoy soccer, track, and weightlifting, but I also spend time watching other sports for coverage. I'm 16 and in 11th grade and this is my second year in journalism, as I was apart of the founding staff in my freshman year.

Noah Jenkins


I am Noah Jenkins and I currently serve as the captain of the SCHS Speech and Debate Team, founder and leader of the SCHS Mock Trial team, a member of the SCHS Political Advocacy Club, and a cellist for the SCHS String Orchestra. I also serve in my capacity as an Osceola County Teen Attorney.

JJ Nix


Hello, my name is JJ Nix I am currently part of "The Cloud"newspaper and a Junior attending St.Cloud High School.In addition, I am also one of the podcast host for your weekly online newspaper. On my free time I enjoy watching football, being attractive, and watching Netflix.

Selenah Dimeo


My name is Selenah DiMeo, c/o 2023. I am currently in J1 & running the “SCHS the Cloud” Instagram page.

Cameron Priester


My name is Cameron Priester. I am currently a senior at SCHS. I am a publisher in Journalism 1.

Tristan Ramos


Hello, my name is Tristan, I am a proud member of The Cloud newspaper. I am one of the publishers online and love my school and job.

Nathaniel Caceres


Hi I'm Nathaniel, I a sophomore and a publisher for the online paper.

Julian Cupeles


My name is Julian Cupeles, I am a proud member of "The Cloud" newspaper and am very happy to contribute to the team.

Abigail Londono


I am Abigail Londono, but I prefer to go by Abi. I am a Senior at SCHS, Class of 2020, a member of the Spanish Club and photographer for The Cloud. I enjoy photography and being around people I love.

Aeryn Ryder


My name is Aeryn Ryder and I'm a Journalist of the SCHS paper. I'm a junior, a Full time D.E. student at Valencia, and work in the staff of broadcasting. I also participate in choir and theater and enjoy most forms of the arts. This is my second year in journalism.

Natalie Chapman


I am Natalie Chapman, Senior and member of the SCHS Class of 2020. I belong to the Lady Bulldogs Golf and Soccer teams. I am the Vice President of the National French Honor Society. In addition, I am also the current president of our schools Quill & Scroll.

Kyleigh Donovan


I am Kyleigh Donovan, Sophomore and member of the SCHS Class of 2022. I am member of the GSA Club and I love playing Call of Duty.

Michael Hernandez


I am Michael Hernandez, Junior and member of the SCHS Class of 2021. I am a contributor for The Cloud.

Autumn McFadden


Autumn McFadden is 17 years old she is a junior at Saint Cloud high school she is working to become a journalist and photographer. I am also the President of BBW (Big Beautiful Woman).

Wade Wood


Hi my name is Wade Wood I am currently in 11th grade and am part of The Cloud Newspaper Staff.

Haley Lowry


I am Haley Lowry. Junior at SCHS. I am part of the girls weightlifting and a part of the Cloud. I enjoy taking pictures. I enjoy doing my part by volunteering in my free time.

Jaedyn Ortiz


My name is Jaedyn but most people call me Jae. I am a very sweet person but super shy. I like to do nails and will give a helping hand when needed. I am very excited to be apart of The Cloud staff :)

Valentina Pardo


Freshman part of the "Dwags Helping Dogs" club and also a part of Bella voce also really excited to be part of Journalism 1.

Brianna Calzadilla


I'm Brianna Calzadilla. I'm in the tenth grade and I'm a part of the saint cloud theater department. (by the way, you might need to crop it, I didn't have a head shot. also this was from my quince which explains the dress.)

Selena Willetts


I'm Selena Willetts I'm a Freshman, I'm not apart of any clubs so all I do is read, write and watch anime.

Robert Griffin


Hi, my name is Robert Griffin I am currently a junior attending St.Cloud High School. I have a very unique passion for acting and I am part of the SCHS theater company. On my free time, I love to play video games with my friends, and I am a member of the Video Game Club.

Kaitlyn Akhigbe


Hi my name is Kaitlyn Akhigbe. I am a Junior part of the 2021 and I am member of the BBW Club :)

Sara LaPorta


Hi my name is Sara Laporta class of ‘21. go dawgs.

Joelle Merrill


Hi my name is Joelle Merrill, class of 2022, and I am the treasurer in S.W.A.T.

Dana Sanchez


Hello, I’m Dana Sanchez. I’m a junior and a part of BBW club.

Neishalys Galan


My name is Neishalys Galan. I'm the senior that talks about college 24/7.

Savannah Shroyer


My name is Savannah Shroyer and I'm a sophomore at Saint Cloud High. Go class of 2022!

Nathaly Abastida


I am Nathaly Abastida I have been apart of the Varsity Cross Country and Track team all 4 years. I am also apart of the Spanish Club.

Sabree Chambers


Hello! I am Sabree Chambers, a junior class of 2021. I work at publix. I enjoy going to the gym and to the beach most of all. I am apart of Journalism 1.

Kylee Rivera


My name is Kylee Rivera. I am a Sophomore class of 2022 and I am vice president of the S.W.A.T club.

Valentina Krautz


Valentina Krautz, A non-sarcastic senior.

Laura Fry


Speech & Debate Coach, Intensive Reading and Journalism teacher at SCHS. Adviser to The Cloud since it was founded in 2017.