2nd Oped

The lives of Saint Clouds students vary wildly from one to the other. Coming from the way that they live in to the academic goals they wish to achieve. Each student goes through their own series of obstacles and challenges, but for some, the challenge of meeting their basic human needs. Food.

Food, while it may be a small concern in the larger pool of academic issues that they face, is a serious issue that some of our Saint Cloud High School students must confront every day while piling it onto the already large mountain of issues presented by everyday high school life and work. 

Before recently, school lunches required a deposit of money in order to purchase school lunches from the cafeteria. And while at the time, students could apply to a side program involving a reduction of price or outright free lunch, some students were still unable to afford or participate in the program, even if their family made money to spare. At least it was that way until recently. 

Thanks to the push of teachers, parents, and administration; both lunch and breakfast are now free to all students, regardless of the current monetary/salary conditions. You'd be hard pressed to find the negatives within' this change. From the accessibility it presents to the students who were unable to afford it in the first place, it also prevents the punishing debt-related issues still present in other states. While also allows for the students to not only work to the best of their abilities without having to worry or concern over whether or not they will be able to eat that day. Which, ultimately, results in better grades and conditions for them in the long run. 

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