A Broken Soul (Poem)

What if I told you I was depressed and so broken

What if I told you my body was feeling so frozen

I got a message for the person that shattered my heart

Were you real or were you just fake from the start 

Cause you took my love and compassion for granted

You broke me apart and I can't withstand it

Going through days wishing you'd stay 

But I know I can't get it that way 

What's the point in fighting if there's nothing to gain

Living my life day after day, saying the same

I know I have to deal with reality

But this story right here's just a tragedy

A person with nothing looking to give his life meaning 

What kind of a plan were you scheming 

A person with suicide deep in the mind 

Finding a person who's one of a kind

Feeling like his body was shattered

and his heart was broken and tattered

Thinking you weren't like rest 

What is this pain deep in his chest

His life started slipping away

Wishing to say the last words he wanted to say 

Guess this is it, guess it's his time 

The torture hadn't subside

He's leaving he's seeing a light 

Wishing this wasn't his last night

Keeping so many thoughts of his hidden 

Wishing he would've been open 

To how he felt and how much he cared 

But his last sight was you not there

Finally he realized that he wasted his life

Wasting his time on something that couldn't survive

Now with his last dying breath

He spouted out all his regrets 

Those were the last words his family heard 

Before his soul flew off like a bird

He wasted his time and wasted his life

Just to end up dying inside

Laying there on top of his death bed

A hollow body frozen and dead 

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