Advanced Placement Ceremony

Advanced Placement classes are known for their demanding coursework, and often requires high dedication from students involved.  

“AP classes prepare us for the rigor of college, it forces us to challenge ourselves and work harder.” Said previous AP studentTatiana Romano. 

On the night of September 18th, Saint Cloud High School celebrated the 2nd annual Advanced Placement Award Ceremony.  

It was intended to honor the student with passing grades on their AP exams. The administration invited all students with a passing score to the auditorium for the event.   

All students invited to the awards received a pin to wear on their graduation.  As students were brought onstage one of our schools AP teachers, introduced students by names, passed classes, and score while they crossed the stage to be awarded and congratulated by the members of Administration and AP staff.   

Congratulations to all the student who passed and were present at the award ceremony. Let's hope the administration keeps honoring these diligent students' achievements. 


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