AP classes prepare students for life after high school

St. Cloud High School Principal Nate Fancher said the purpose of taking an AP class, although they are difficult, is to ensure that students are successful in whatever future they decide to pursue after high school. 

Fancher is not the only one who feels that way.

Peter Cordero, the AP coordinator for the school, said that AP classes are “the best college prep”. The students placed in the classes are only put in there because they have displayed  potential that they would do well in that class.


Students also choose to take AP classes to challenge themselves.


“I get college credit and a higher GPA,” sophomore, Angello Pena said.


Others want to prepare for life after high school and advance academically.


“It’s easy to get ahead and get college credit,” junior,Tia Hartley said.


Teachers enjoy pushing their students as well.


“It takes 100% effort,” AP Psychology teacher, Ana Carr said.


Fancher only wants his students to be successful.


“Pushes kids to be successful later in life,” Fancher said.

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