AVID Holiday Feast

On December 12th at 6pm-8pm Debra Orlansky’s annual AVID holiday feast was held. This holiday feast is an event that brings friends and family together to eat and enjoy the food everyone brought. “AVID is not just a college prep class but a family of encouragement to push you to be a better version of yourself and to be successful in college.” according to Debra Orlansky. Many people see the holidays as a day to buy gifts for their loved ones and to decorate their houses in festive artifacts but to Ronny Ramos and Jonathan Delgado, “it is a time to be eating good food while being surrounded by the people you love and enjoying everything God has given you.”  The holiday feast had a perfect amount of people to just be able to feel comfortable in the environment while meeting new faces and live in the moment with everyone. One of the festivities going on during the holiday feast was sharing one of our favorite traditions during the holidays and just laughing at how amusing some are. Ronny Ramos and his family do karaoke dressed in Christmas pajamas while drinking hot chocolate on the night of Christmas Eve. Ms. Orlansky as child would sleep under the Christmas tree with her little brother to see the lights and now with her AVID classes during the last week before winter break, she shares her Jewish game, dreidel, and how she loves to light her menorah during Hanukkah. I would definitely recommend others to attend the AVID annual feast whether you are in the AVID program or not because it is a wholesome event that brings everyone together to rejoice the holidays and feast with your friends and family.  

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