Bulldogs Get A Bank

Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union recently announced a new location to open at Saint Cloud High School starting next school year! Many schools in Orange County have had this opportunity and it's now making its way to Osceola County.
"Addition Financial partners with schools to give students real life opportunities like internships. Poinciana has a school bank and Dr. Pace, Osceola School Superintendent, also selected St. Cloud High School to have one as well," said Mrs. Avery, Head Coordinator. There were many jobs available as bank tellers, the two head tellers will receive pay.
Jeremy Gustafson and Brianna Santiago received the head teller jobs after a series of interviews by human relation officers from CFE Bank.
"There was an interview and an essay to see if you got into the program and then a final interview for the head teller jobs," Gustafson explained.
The other students to receive the jobs as tellers are as follows: Bryan Hernandez, Samuel Pietanza, Ana Duarte, Nicole Loor, Marlana McNutt, Kiara Alamo, Karisa Chandiprasad, Anand Dewansingn, Jesuel Caraballo, Daniel Gonzalez, Alexis Maher, Steace Diaz and Sierra Fleming.
"These students will be Addition Finacial representative tellers, withdrawing and depositing just as in regular banks. They will be going to a training at CFE headquarters also like any worker at the Addition Financial Bank," said Mrs. Avery.
This experience is benefiting students with experience in a high school setting.

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