Bulldogs hit a victory

Saint Cloud High School’s mighty bulldogs take on First Academy high school to try and continue a “ four game winning streak”. But will they be able to pull it off? I asked Mrs. Singleton to give some insight on how she feels about the game. Singleton: “ honestly I have no clue what this team is capable of because I coach girls’, but I know if they work at it we can win it”. Then I asked our mighty bulldogs how they felt this game was going to end, they  responded “ we are really confident that we will win this game considering our four streak.” A few minutes later the game has begun, and soon enough our bulldogs had the lead of 2-0. Finally, with one match to go, our bulldogs played an aggressive game winning with a score of 3-0. I went back to coach  to ask what she felt caused the win. Singleton: “ we won due to the fact that we had more control of the ball”. But when I asked the boys’ they responded with, “ we are not shocked at all, for we have  been working hard for this so we got it.” As they celebrate they’ll be preparing for districts and state’s, so we wish you good luck bulldogs!!!

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