Burn (Poem)

I'm not a piece of your puzzle 

So, burn down with the rubble 

The blaze will stay lit till tomorrow  

With sounds of the crying sparrow 

I never cared nor did I have pity 

Just joyful envy 

Of the reason why you are hurt 

Feeling like you're lower than dirt 

Oh, how I loved your pain 

With twisted thoughts through your brain 


I felt it, the pure bliss 

Of how you're fading away with deaths kiss 

I couldn't enjoy it anymore 

The sounds of screaming going through the floor 

Why do I smile as you wallow? 

Life's poison that I've swallowed 

Causing me to hate you to the core 

And everything you’ve stood for 

So, burn in the fire that you’ve lit 

With the cuts that I've slit 

This fate awaited you at every turn 

Slowly burn and burn 

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