“Courage Has No Color” SCHS choir fall concert

On October 25, Tammie Combs the choir put on the annual fall choir concert, this year being African theme. The choir kids sung traditional mauri songs and even performed a chant and battle cry called “The Haka”.

Gabi Beckmen (A 12th grade) performed a beautiful solo about her love for God and blew the audience away with her choose in song and voice.

In the middle of the concert Mrs. Combs sent her choir students around with hats to collect money for Maya Terrian (A 11th grade), also the money from tickets would go towards her too. The reason for raising the money is because Maya would be going for an experimental treatment for lung cancer.  That’s not where the love ends, near the end of the night Maya had showed up in which everyone stood up and applauded her for her strength.

” My favorite part about the show case is when everyone connected, and everyone brought something to the table and didn’t leave anything out, everyone put something for everyone to receive or needed to hear”said  Devean Cloutier (A 10th grade) is one of the students in the choir.

Everyone left the show with smile on their faces and the room was filled with proud family members and friends who came to support their singers. They where found back stage after the show giving hugs to each other and congratulating one another, like a big happy family.

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