Dance Department Holiday Spectacular


On the dates of December 13th and 14th, 2019 the Saint Cloud High School Dance Department, Golden Girls dance team, and Tap Dawgs held their 8th Annual Holiday Spectacular. Along with our Saint Cloud High school dance department, the show had a special appearance from Glenda’s Dance Center sprinkled throughout the show. Coach Davila and Andrea Concepcion (Asst. Coach) shared the stage when it came to introducing dances and telling Christmas themed jokes to keep the audience smiling. 

Britney Panizales, (12th), was one of the student choreographers for the show, also being a golden girl, a part of the National Honor society for Dance Arts, top 20, a two time All American, and Tap Dawg, and she is a rookie trainer, along with choreographing this year. When it came to practice  Panizales along with the other girls started back in august with the Golden Girl traditional dance, the kick line. “(Starting in December) We have been practicing all the team dances and the small group dances, along with the class dances we’re in” states Panizales. 

The most important part of a dance is the music, without it you wouldn’t have a dance at all. When it comes to the music, it helps make a point or helps portray a story the dancer is sharing. “I wanted to do something different that stood out this Christmas, a different genre and gives a different feeling to this rookie dance.” shares Panizales. The dance Panizales and her assistant Nicole Vince choregraphed was a rookie dance to the song “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”. 

The audience was very pleased with the thirty dances, full of Christmas joy, and one dance included candy canes being thrown into the crowd. “I left in a very happy Christmas mood” said student Maddison (12th) while leaving the show on the 14th.  

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