Dive In!

The St. Cloud High School Swim team dove head first into the deep end at the OBC. The OBC is a district level competition that took place on October 11th, 2018 at the Makinson Aquatic Center.

The girls head coach, Lisa Merrel, felt prepared and hoped for the swimmers to do their best at the competition. They had a long workout prior to this preparing themselves.

“I would do nothing differently and I am very proud of everybody” Merrel stated. She felt very confident at the competition and hoped that they would beat Harmony High for the first time in a long while.

Harmony’s girls won 1st place with 124 points with Gateway staying behind their trail with 121, and St. Cloud earning 113 points. In addition, Osceola boys dove into first with 135 points, and St. Cloud not too far from 1st place with 64 points.

Girls event 15, the 500-yard Freestyle swimmer Peighton Burge feels that everyone should join swimming because they are all like a “family no matter what”.

Even though the SCHS swim team did not win at the OBC’s Coach Merrel feels that as her first time coaching the team did great and couldn’t have imagine a better team for the competition.   

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