First Date (Poem)

First dates are all about finding a match

to meet someone, boy or girl, who’s really a catch.

When it comes to love, there is one true goal,

to truly connect with someone heart and soul. 

When you’re out on a date, one thing you’ll inspect

is seeing if you and that person connect.

You may want someone that’s somewhat like you, 

somebody who likes the things that you do. 

First dates disperse romance in the air,

giving a feeling that all wish to share.

Whether your date is

 near and or far,

you have to remember to be who you are.

There’s one small detail some forget a lot, 

you shouldn’t try to be someone you’re not.

It’s never too late to stop and restart, 

if you think of love, listen to your heart.

Your true love will not just start up in one night;

it will not always be true love at first sight.

There’s somebody out there that wants you to shine,

To love and to hold you, but you must give it time.

No matter what happens, one thing you should know

is that someone out there 

loves you and more than you know. 

When moving ahead you must let go of the past,

somebody loves you from first date to last.  

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