Fullwood retires after 35 years at Saint Cloud

As of the beginning of October, a long-standing member of the Saint Cloud staff will have retired. 

James Fullwood had been at Saint Cloud since his high school years when he graduated in 1971. He worked as part of our custodial staff. 

Fullwood describes our school as being very different from what he knew when he went there.

He describes his time at school, with having only four buildings which is a sharp contrast to our eight buildings plus two groups of portables.

During his time here as a student, Fullwood was a high-performing athlete, practicing track, basketball, and football, with a record in the SCHS hall of fame for track. 

After he graduated from high school, he began working for SCHS and has been at the school for the past 35 years. 

Often, he could be seen working the morning shift, in fact, it was Mr.Fullwood who opened our school every morning and was here long before any student, administration or staff. 

"He's is just, first of all, genuinly a kind and caring person... he always comes to work basically every day, hardworking with a smile, does everything he can to make  this school sparkle not just make it look good but make it a place where people want to be," Principal Nate Fancher said.

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