Homecoming week is a long-standing tradition in not just SCHS but most schools across the United States. In its most simple form Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back former and new students and celebrating an organization's existence.  

Saint Cloud High School celebrated its homecoming week from the 9th to the 13th of September, with the school dance held on Saturday the 14th.   

We celebrated the week with different available days to dress up. On Monday we had decade day, where people dressed up from different eras in the past, you could see the 60s or 70s, or in some cases the 1880s.  

Tuesday was Superhero Day. Different people dressed up as well-known heroic pairs or even a hero-villain pair.  

Wednesday was tacky tourist day, which in Florida we are very familiar with. You had students dressed up in standard tacky tourist attire, such as cargo shorts with tall socks or a large floppy sunhat. Some even got specific and made sure to add their mickey ears.  

On Thursday, we had Neon day. Which was as simple as it sounds, having everyone dressed up in bright highlighter colors.  

Friday was our school spirit day. Students dressed up in their designated class colors, with Senior in black, Juniors in maroon, Sophomores in gold, and Freshmen in white. Our school spirit day was done specifically for our pep rally which was held at the end of the school day to generate excitement for the Football game against Toho High School.  

Also, on Friday, people voted for the Homecoming Court. Our Princess and Prince were Daniella Rodriguez and Jackson Shirah, both juniors. The winners for our Queen and King were Darianka Sanchez and Cash Ustad.  

Our school's homecoming, or “Gloco”, was held in our school gym from 7 pm to 11 pm on the 14th of September. The name Gloco was based on the theme of Glow in the Dark. So, like last year they had glowsticks being passes and thrown around as well as a larger form version with a similar effect.  

As always, the SCHS homecoming week was colorful and exciting the entire week. While it did resemble our college week and the previous homecoming week of last year, it still managed to make an impression and give students enjoyment for their week.

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