In the Dog House

On January 11, Saint Cloud High School boys’ varsity basketball went against their rival opponents Harmony High School in an intense game filled with plenty of action. The first quarter started with great intensity from both teams giving Saint Cloud High School the first point of the game from player number 25 Steven Guzman. With both teams applying pressure against each other, the first quarter ended with Harmony making a great comeback with the ending score of Harmony High School 10 points and Saint Cloud High School 4 points. The second quarter was more promising for the Bulldogs scoring a total of 17 points from a variety of players. Steven Guzman Scored 8 points this quarter with half of them coming from free throws due to being fouled twice. Dean Sosa was fouled twice and scored 3 points missing one free throw. Steven came back and broke through the longhorn’s defense on a fast break giving the bulldogs another 2 points. The remaining points came from player number 23 Blake Peele who was also fouled going for a layup. The 2nd quarter ended with Harmony 31 points and Saint Cloud 21 leaving the bulldogs down by 10 points. 

The third quarter was quiet for the bulldogs despite Angel Arroyo shooting two three-point shots and making a layup for a total of 8 points for the team. David Roc scored 2 points and player Blake Peele scored 1 point after being fouled yet again. The 3rd quarter ended with the bulldogs down again only 10 points with Harmony having 43 points and Saint Cloud with 33 points. The last quarter of the game ended in a grudge match like no other. Both teams desperately trying to get their score up while trying to beat the clock. Five bulldog players were fouled in the fourth quarter, which gave them 11 points just off free throws. Unfortunately, the bulldogs fell short against their longhorn opponents leaving the game score at; Harmony High School 59 points Saint Cloud High School 50 points, leaving the bulldogs only down by 9 points. Steven Guzman Scored the most points for Saint Cloud with 19 points. Angel Arroyo not too far behind scoring 11 points for Saint Cloud. David and Dean were close with 7 points from David and 5 points from Dean totaled together for 12 points. Finally, Kerby and Blake both scored 1 point giving them 2 points together. The bulldogs fell short leaving their record with another big loss and an even bigger shot to the teams moral, for losing against their rival opponents Harmony Longhorns in their own home court.

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