Kid's Zone

The Spanish Honor Society conducted a series of children activities for children

from ages 2-8 at St. Cloud high school's library. The activities consisted of story

time, a puppet show, and arts and crafts all lead by members of the honor

society. Maria Sanabria (the host) planned this event “as part of the Spanish

honor society's responsibility to create a link between the community”. Sanabria

had expectations when she started this event, she stated “I expect that they (the

kids) have fun with every activity and love to read”. The event was a success they

had 10 kids show up (with parents) and everyone had an amazing time. Even

though it had such a big show up, Miss Sanabria stated she “would like more

children to come” she felt it would've made the event more enjoyable but she

was still very pleased with how everything turned out.

                           Picture: Amaia Pastrana(6 yrs)

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