Running Our Way To Victory

Saint Cloud High School has almost reached the middle of their 2018-19 cross-country season.
Just because the season is almost over it doesn’t mean our bulldogs are out of steam quite yet.

Our varsity and junior varsity pulled out team scores showed the other schools that we are not far behind. With the boys’ varsity scoring a team score of 209 with an average time of 18:51 earning us 7th  place. We got a real boost from our two runners-Alex Miranda, and Zachary Cloud who were able to pull it out with many of our other great runners to get us to this point. Our varsity ladies were strong enough to gather a score of 223 with an average-
time Of 23:30 giving them 8th place, giving a good advantage in this season. When we they hit a break-
they gave some insight on how they felt about the meet, they’re times, how they can improve, and-
how Harkema’s coaching is to them. McKenzie James feels that running is a good way to rid yourself of
Stress and helps you get physically fit. Louis Ortiz said “being in cross-country means being in a great-
Environment”. Also including Jesuel Caraballo, he felt comfortable running, that they did great overall,
but can cut down the time by 30s-1m, all in all though he believes that Harkema is a fantastic coach and
that cross-country is just happy team. With all this motivation on us JV team we scored 203 with a time
of 24:26 giving us 6th . Let’s continue cheering them on and stay alert for the next update on our cross-
country bulldogs.

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