SCHS Choir Program

Some exciting news for SCHS choir program! 

Saint cloud high school’s choir program has been chosen to be a honor choir in Disney’s Candlelight located at Epcot, the choir director Mama Combs is super excited and had this to say, “we found out on 10/9/19 during sixth period and we were just so shocked and excited we get to have this opportunity once again.” 

The last time the choir program was in the horror choir was in the year 2017, their dates for Candlelight are December 4th, December 6th and December 30th, their performance times are at 5:00 on the 4th, 6:45 and 8:15 on the 6th, and 5:00 on the 30th, they had to compete against 82 to 100 schools to get in.   

Make sure to say congratulations and wish them luck on Candlelight they worked very hard to get this opportunity!


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