SCHS Says Goodbye To Mr.Garber

Since August 2007, St. Cloud High School has had the honor of having Mr. Garber being part of the Bulldog family. The "Voice of St. Cloud" has decided to retire, but hopes to have made a difference in students' lives and has enjoyed working with young students and coaching.
    "I have coached the Ohio Boys Spartans Cross Country, baseball and middle school basketball teams for 31 years," Garber said.
    George Garber has taught Marketing Essentials, as well as OJT (on the job training) for 11 years at our school with the assistance of Mr. Jeff Johnson. Not just that, he is also the announcer for all of our sporting events happening on campus.
    This school he plans to head home and leave us with fantastic memories of him. His mark will be forever left on this school and we as the student body, realize it or not, Mr. Garber and his teachings have left an impact on all of us.
    On behalf of the student body and staff of Saint Cloud High School, we would like to thank Mr. Garber for his years of service and dedication to his students throughout his career.

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