St. Cloud VS Lake Nona

Lake Nona High School vs. Saint Cloud High School

Game held at Saint Cloud High School

Saint Cloud Bulldogs suffered another loss of 50-13

Seth Johnson, number 28 , states “To be honest, I felt like first half we gave it all we got. We went down the field, we didn’t score but we still played our butts off. Second half, we just, I don’t know, we took our foot off the gas pedal and they ended up scoring, how many times, I’m not sure.” Indeed our Bulldogs did go out and play hard the first quarter and some of the second quarter. Our SCHS Bulldogs did force a turnover at the 26 yard line with only 2 minutes and 41 seconds left in the second quarter. Romeo Medina made the first touchdown on the buzzer of the second quarter. Seth Johnson made the second touchdown with 3:03 left on the clock of third quarter, leaving it at 13-28. After the game, Coach Smart did mention “Yeah, they’re a good team and we came out playing hard but just turnovers and you know i made a couple bad calls and they’re a really good team, you got to give them credit, but our kids fought and that was good to see.” In order to come back strong, they will need to work on “blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, everything and we’re gonna continue to work” Coach Smart also mentioned. Our SCHS Bulldogs did take another loss that Friday night. However, they will work hard and come prepared for future games.

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