Success Of The Test

Testing, the word that every student fears and for good reasons. Testing determines whether

you pass or fail which to some is a life and death situation; but no one should fear testing.

Testing is a good way to show if a person knows what is being taught; now some people give

the argument such as “I'm not a good test taker” or “tests never cover what they should”. This

may be true, but tests are exactly what they sound like a test, a test to show what you know

and where to improve; they're made to improve you as a person and as a student.

Testing's a factor as to how far you will go in the future and what opportunities may be

available. Yes, there will be tests that you would fail it does not mean you will fail at life; if

anything, it will make you a better student. You'll see that bad test grade and you'll start to hate

it you'll never want to see a 21 percent or how ever low you scored again; so, what do you do?

Some will just accept it and not bother with it or you can be part of the students that will grow

from it, study, and get a greater grade on the next one.

Tests are a terrifying thing it doesn’t matter what type of test it could be; it could be something

such as the SAT or even a short quiz on a lesson you’ve been learning for weeks tests are just

intimidating. They're still needed because if you go out there to get a job and have no idea what

you're doing you won't go far. You can't blame the tests; you can only blame yourself; you

could've studied or asked questions on things you weren't sure on; you can never blame the

test only improve yourself and the rest will follow.

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