Teen Homelessness

Today's teens are constantly faced with stress but it’s not always about next week's test. Some are faced with a much more serious dilemma, one that most teens don’t even think about. Some students main worry is if they’ll have a place to sleep for the night. Homelessness within youth has become a more prominent problem for kids today. 

The main causes of homelessness within young people is family problems, economic problems, and residential instability. According to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, “Public schools data reported to the U.S. Department of Education during the 2016-2017 school year shows that an estimated 72,042 public school students experienced homelessness over the course of the year. Of that total, 2,001 students were unsheltered, 8,346 were in shelters, 8,113 were in hotels/motels, and 53,582 were doubled up.” For some, being homeless isn’t even a thought, but for many others it’s a scary reality. 

The Orlando Sentinel reports that, “Homeless youth in Central Florida are much more likely to be pregnant, black, gay, or transgender than the general public, and there are far too few resources to help them.” And they have also reported that there are 268 homeless youth in just Orange and Seminole counties, and they say that, “is likely far below the true number.” Children are being throw out into the world all on their own and there is very little they can do as young people.  

Being homeless is a scary situation, even more so with young children and teens. In our world surrounded by harassment and abduction, children aren't safe being out on the streets. Sometimes kids must learn how to grow up and live in the real world sooner than others. Youth homelessness is a serious problem that many don’t want to talk about. 


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