The Stress Of The Test

Stress. It’s all that’s on your mind , it’s how you feel and what keeps you up at night, They tell you to get sleep, but yet they want the piles of homework they assigned done that’s due the next day  along with your three to 5 other classes. The review sheets, teachers tense, and us students stressing. It sounds like test season. 

Teen and teachers especially are way to pressure as test season starts. It causes so much stress with the constant statements in their heads saying, “If I don’t pass, I'll have intensive classes.”, “If I don’t pass, I’ll have summer school”, and the most common “If I don’t pass, I'll fail”. 

Testing takes place the beginning of the year, the middle, and the end of the year. The test can take two hours all the way up to a whole school day, with brakes of course. That’s not even counting SAT test. With the testing the bell times move around. Studies have shown that when you mess a routine for a child it can stress them and confuse them. So even If a child isn’t sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time, are still being affected.  

It's been proven that testing can and have had negative effects on children, Harvard have tested this theory and it showed it stresses them and gives anxiety. It seems schools are now teaching to test other than learning how to live life to the fullest. 

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