Three cheers for Coach of the year

Coach Chad Ansbaugh was announced the coach of the year for St. Cloud high

school. His reaction to hearing this news was, he felt honored “There are so many

wonderful coaches here that I'm excited to be coach of the year.”

He stated his ability to become coach of the year was, “I never felt I lost what it is

like to be a kid. I try to understand what my kids are feeling and use that to grow

closer to them; I feel that’s always what a coach should do.”

other coaches and staff had some words about coach Ansbaugh; Mr. Godfrey

stated “Coach Ansbaugh's  dedication to this school, his students and his athletes,

culminated in a District Championship (First since 2000), a Regional

Championship (First since 1994) and a Final 4 appearance in the Girls Basketball

State Championship! couldn’t think of a better candidate”.

Coach Scrivens words to Ansbaugh were & quote ;Quite honestly, one of the easiest

decisions to be made all year. I cannot think of any other coach in the

county/state that is more deserving than Chad”. Coach Craig said, "Well deserved".

Keep up the great work!.

Clearly few staff members have any objections to Ansbaughs award;

Congratulations coach Ansbaugh!

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